Preschool Easter Crafts

March 10, 2011

Preschool Easter Crafts

Preschool Keller : Preschool Easter Crafts


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Best Preschool Choice in Keller, Texas

Preschool Keller - Messiah Lutheran Early Childhood Center (ECC) is the preschool ministry of Messiah Lutheran Church. It is the best preschool Keller has to offer, bar none!

Developing minds are an awesome thing to watch. That being said, they can often be frustrating and hard to deal with! Enter the ladies at the ECC. You will not find a more loving, caring, and patient group of people. They love children and take great joy in watching and helping them grow. They strive to meet the spiritual, social, emotional, and physical needs of their students.

These little ones are surrounded in a loving, Christian, and educationally charged atmosphere. The goal is to help each of these youngsters achieve personal success which fosters a positive and “can do” attitude. We want to instill in them, at a very early age, the joy of discovery and learning new things. Continue reading »

More Benefits of Preschool

Preschool Keller - When considering enrolling your child in a preschool in Keller, Tx (Texas), there are many things to consider. When my kids were small I didn't want to start them early. The prevailing wisdom of the time was "start them late". That way they are more mature and able to cope. All that has changed now!

With so much competition for the "good jobs", it is imperative that our children get acclimated to the academic environment as early as possible (don't over do it of course) ;-).

This article by Beverly Frank sums up a number of the benefits of starting your child out right - with preschool!

Preschool Keller
: What Are the Benefits of Preschool for Parent and Child?
By Beverly Frank
There are a number of benefits for sending your kids to preschool, here are some of the top reasons preschool is a great idea:
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